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The Covid Reset

Updated: May 1, 2020

Since my Sports Photography and Real Estate Photography came to a screeching halt, the pause has given me time to reset my Photography services. Studio finished! Archive finally organized!

Now get ready for the summer. Studio is now set up to take any and all product shots. If you have products that need to be photographed for ebay, amazon, or any of your social media accounts, please contact me. Straight white backdrops, creative, or layflat. Big or small, we can handle it our 1,000 sq ft studio.

RTS Photography will also be starting a VLog in the near future. We will focus on the trials and tribulations of starting a new business by a middle aged soul. I will take you along to the numerous sporting events, and events, as well as the day to day in the real estate photography market.

Please stay tuned and follow along.

Also please sends comments, to your thoughts on this new endevor



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